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Management Team

Our management team is comprised of professionals with substantial experience in real estate, private equity, as well as structured and corporate finance.

Harte Realty’s Senior Management Team has structured/invested approximately US$800 million in past projects over the last 3 years. These investments have consisted of residential developments, commercial office developments, community shopping centers, retail power centers and strip centers, as well as industrial and business parks.

Harte Realty’s has formed important relationships with LDI, EZ Tec, Rossi, Even, Gafisa, STAN, Klabin Segall, Lopes and PDG, amongst others.Harte Realty’s Management has structured over US$ 500 mm in joint ventures over the past 3 years.

The senior officers at Harte Realty are in charge of business development, as well as a complete support Staff. These individuals oversee each of the firm’s departments: Investment Management; Construction Management; Asset & Property Management; Accounting & Information Systems; and Marketing, Reporting & Investor Relations and manages all staff personnel, with its head office in São Paulo, Brazil.

Eduard Schönburg

50 years old

 Mr. Schönburg, is a founding partner of Harte Realty and has over 20 years of experience in the real estate market,  always acting with proprietary capital and that of investors to investment in opportunities within the brazilian real estate market.  He has excellent long-term relationships with many of the top developers within the market.

Alberto Mattos de Souza

39 years old

Mr. Mattos is Director of Harte Realty and has more than 10 years of expirence in the real estate market. Mr. Mattos has worked for LDI Desenvolvimento Imobiliário as Legal Director until 2010, when joined Harte Realty Group. Mr. Mattos holds a law degree and a graduate dregree in Real Estate Business from the "FAAP" and held university extension course at the University of California.